Live Event-1/08-Main Landing
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Financial Freedom:

Unveiling your Pathway - Transform Your Relationship to Money

Attend our one day event on January 8th from 9-6PM CST


Location: San Antonio, TX

You are invited to:

Discover limitations that you have imprisoned yourself in and with; and FREE YOURSELF of them.  

Get out of Prison

We have imprisoned ourselves with limitations around money and are left at the effect of the prision we created, while it seems as if we don't have the key to the prison we've built 

This Journey is for you:

If you are out to take a deep dive into unveiling your pathway to Financial Freedom. IF you want to unlock the prison you have put yourself in.

Kristin Abbajay 


Dedicated and Committed to every person on the planet expereince being true to who they are in the face of everything they come up against, are going for in life, in the dullest of moments and especially when they don't think they can be who they are! Out to breathe life into every moment of life!

Teresa Kuhn


Financial life designer and educator, Teresa Kuhn, has a passion for formulating innovative blueprints that help her clients grow and preserve their wealth. For business owners, Teresa’s unique skill set and team help clients protect what they’ve built and leverage the greatest asset they will ever own – their business.